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How to Start Creating a Website

First Step: Register a Domain (Dot Com) Name

If you're looking to create a website that will last, you should register your own domain name (, rather than using a free host.

Learn why you shouldn't create a free website.

Trust me. It's no coincidence that many of these companies hide the "Contact" link on their sites. The support is sub par because their service is free. You definitely get what you pay for.

Second Step: Choose a Web Host

You cannot build a website without a host. This is the company that houses your web files and provides the platform so you can create and update your site anytime you wish.

Learn more about choosing a web host here.

Third Step: Create Your Web Pages

Download my free HTML editor (Windows users only).

You can use this free website creation software to create your website and then save your pages directly to your web host using the software's built-in FTP client.

It's easy enough for beginners but suitable for all levels of website building experience.

Free Web Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome! You have stumbled upon one of the few web development tutorial sites that encourage you to GET THE FACTS before you create a website.

Start here to learn what's involved with building a website.

Since 2002, the tutorials on have helped thousands of people launch their very first website. Read what people are saying about this site.

No other site caters to the beginner and I understand how important it is for you to fully understand the process before you begin.

Be sure to take a look at my website creation options page so you choose the right host before you begin building your site.

Free Website Tutorial

Download my free tutorial and learn how to build a website from scratch.

Whether you want to create a personal or business site, this free tutorial tells you all you need to know.

Download it now.
Google Can Fund Your Website

Do you hate the idea of having to pay for a website? Sure, we'd all like them to be free, but the reality of it is, you limit your site's potential and longevity if you use a free web host. I'll never make that mistake again.

Not to mention the condition of many of these companies offering free websites is sometimes uhhh...let's just say unstable. :)

You read my story above, right?

So the solution to your problem is to get Google to help you fund your website. I did! Now they fund much more than my site. :)

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"How Do I Create a Web Page?"

After you've registered your domain and chosen a web host, you can either learn how to code HTML yourself, buy software like CoffeeCup or use my free HTML editor to build your website.

I have a handful of free HTML templates and flash templates that can get you started with your site design.

American Idol

The notion is ridiculous to fans, but a boon for cynics; a contestant shuttled in by American Idol's biggest sponsor, innocently recognized for her famous heritage, and now the reveal that she actually met the American Idol judges in advance of the competition. Suspicious bloggers are putting Jordin Sparks under the same microscope Tom Lowe was examined with when it was revealed he was a backup singer that frequented Simon Cowell's record label. There is no doubt that Jodin is phenomenally talented, but her spot in the competition earned by nefarious means? Let's examine the evidence. Download the American Idol Album here
The controversy over Sparks first grew wings back in January when Seattlepi's TV Critic Melanie McFarland subtly cried foul over many factors that seemed to indicate Jordin was a plant. Probably the most prominent preexisting tie to Idol is through the show's sponsor Coca Cola. Spark's won Coke's rising star award in 2004. The power of a huge sponsor is undeniable, but no actual connection between Coke and Idol with regards to Sparks has been established, so this point is more conspiracy buff fodder than the type of tid bit that sounds alarms.
Another item that has been highlighted is the fact that Jordin Sparks won the local Fox sponsored Arizona Idol contest. The grand prize for that contest was a Ford Fusion (another huge Idol sponsor), and a trip to Seattle to audition. Some folks, especially paranoid ones, are taking this to mean that Sparks sidestepped the auditoriums full of hopefuls to get an audience with Randy, Simon, and Paula.
And speaking of Paula, just how impressive is Abdul's knowledge of football? She actually thought Jordin's last name sounded familiar and it turned out that she is the daughter of a New York Giants cornerback. It would be interesting to see how many other cornerbacks Abdul can name.
Of course, assuming Jordin did walk a slightly less resistant path to her position in the American Idol competition, it is certainly her performances that are keeping her in the game; the same cannot be said for supposed co-conspirator Tom Lowe who failed to make it through Hollywood. Allegations aside, it is the voting public keeping Jordin in the game, not her tenuous connections with sponsors.

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Download Spider-Man 3

First Warner Bros Launched The Spider-Man 1 and 2. The blockbuster movies lover spelled by the action of peter parker/Spider-Man. You can download a free screensaver or Spider-Man 3, wallpaper and more about Spider-Man 3
Now Warner Bross Launched "Spider-Man 3" (Warner Bros.): The Spidey sense usually tingles when soundtracks are creeping about. Danger! ADVERTISEMENT
But the "Spider-Man 3" soundtrack is the rare offering with a handful of memorable original tracks, very little dreck and some heroic guitar playing.
It has a little bit of everything to match our intrepid hero's conflicted nature.
There's plenty of loud mayhem to back Spidey's battles (Wolfmother, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers).

There are a few quiet interludes for alter-ego Peter Parker's contemplative moments as he ponders the meaning of his dual existence and the loveliness of Mary Jane (Black Mountain, Jet).
And there are a few odd moments to distract our hero from the high stress of fighting the bad guys (The Flaming Lips).
The highlights here come from where you would expect.
Wolfmother's "Pleased to Meet You" is another classic mashup, like Led Zeppelin and Sabbath spilling out of the pub into the alley for a street fight.
The Killers channel The Cure on "Move Away." Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner shreds the air while Karen O shreds her vocal chords on "Sealings."
And the album might be worth it just for the camp value of "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love," a descriptive title that doesn't nearly capture the latest zaniness from The Flaming Lips.
The album starts fast, but loses steam as the music becomes more predictable. That's the nature of the franchise. No matter how loud and hectic it might get, we know Spidey always